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Solar-powered smart umbrella invented for Hajj pilgrims

A Saudi-Palestinian company has created an amazing smart umbrella which is aimed to serve the pilgrims visiting holy places in Saudi Arabia.

smart umbrella

Knowledge-Base is a Saudi-Palestinian company which is looking for investors to invest in their new innovative smart umbrella. The smart umbrella features fans, flash light and GPS system. It also includes the three USB ports which can be used to charge the cell phones batteries.

The smart umbrella which is turned into technology inspired gadget is named as “Kafya,”. It has solar flexible sells attached at the top which turns the solar light into electric power. The electricity produced can be used spontaneously for fan, GPS, flash ligh and even you can charge your smart phones with this umbrella.

In Hajj season millions of Musli rush towards the holy cities of Makkah and Madina for offering religious rituals. This umbrella is aimed to make their journey comfortable by helping them beat the beat the heat during their noble journey.

According to media, a Saudi Scientist Manal Dandis and Kamel Badaw and it is still under production. They are working to get their gadget patented and working on prototype model on their invention

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