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Elderly Couple Beaten by Shopkeeper in India

A video has gone viral on social media in a 24-year-old driver can be thrashing a couple in their late fifties at their mobile shop. This incident took place in Chandigarh district of India.

The victims are  Joginderpal Soni, 58, and his wife Santosh Kumari, 56 and they are neighbors. According to sources the son of the victims was a friend of the accused and it is very strange that son of victims is reluctant to file complain against the accused.

“Surprisingly the son of the victims did not want us to register any case against the accused. Moreover, victims too kept insisting on a compromise. We could not allow compromise as it is clear from the CCTV footage that accused had committed a offence that is brutal in nature,” said Sector 19 SHO Maninder Singh.

The brutal assault was caught by CCTV camera which was installed inside the shop. The case was registered on the basis of CCTV camera footage. The video has been gone viral on the internet in which , Rajeev can be seen punching the elderly couple repeatedly. There were few people around when he beaten them but no one came to rescue of the victims.

elderly couple
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Victims Forgave Rajeev

The victims were contact to register police complain against the accused but they said they didn’t want to pursue the complaint against him because they knew him since long.  According to SHO:

“We received a call that a youth had assaulted an elderly couple in Sector 18, following which we reached the spot. When we enquired from the victims, they were not ready to lodge a complaint. We initially registered a daily diary report but later when we checked the CCTV footage, we arrested the accused.”

Video goes viral on social media

This videos of the aged victims went viral on the social media. People have very angry attitude towards the Rajeev and slammed with him with the words like ‘inhuman’, ‘shameless’ and ‘devil’. If you are also infuriated by this shameful act please feel free to leave your comments below.

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