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Baby thrown off Hospital Roof in India, miraculously saved

A women from Kanpur, India thrown off only 18 days old baby  from thee the hospital roof. It is being said that the reason behind this heinous act is  ‘jealousy’, because she had no son.

baby thrown off roof
Image via courtesy of Caters News Agency

Indian media reported that that accused Sarita Devi, thrown new-born baby boy of his brothers wife  Alka from the first floor of the hospital. Her activity was captured on the CCTV camera. She confessed that the she did out of jealousy because she had no son but only three daughters.  According to police statement:

“The baby boy Anmol was admitted to Shyam Maternity and Children’s Hospital in Indira Nagar, Kalyanpur, a few days ago for septicaemia. Owing to some important work, his father, Sarvesh Kumar of Tirwa Kannauj, and mother Alka had gone to their native village, leaving the boy under the care of his aunt Sarita Devi.”

Sarita who thrown off the baby rang an alarm for child missing from the paediatric ward of the hospital. The hospital authorities were alerted and they called police. They look for the infant around and finally the heard the crying sound of  coming from the adjacent building of the hospital.

The  police found the baby entangled in an iron grill some 30 ft below the roof. A ward boy named Pankaj climbed the grill and brought the infant out. According to doctors the condition of the infant is critical.

The woman is arrested and for complaint filed against her .

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