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Story of Pakistani Girl Who Visited India For The First Time

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I started my journey with thousands of apprehensions and concerns as it was my first international trip. The reason behind the tour was to attend an event organized by my college in collaboration with an Indian college, So there was no problem in getting my visa  for India. I was thinking I can wander in the streets of India without any problem because I look like them and it would be easy to blend in. But I was thinking wrong, I was caught as Pakistani easily because of the way I looked and the way I talk. Shopkeepers and pedestrians were quick to identify me as Pakistani.

The interesting and good thing was I was never taken derogatory way, even they identified me as Pakistani and they felt amused, instead. I realized that the hatred we think Indians have for us is baseless and they are ordinary citizens, just like us and doing their work completely unconcerned by there are Pakistanis wandering in their streets.


india shoping

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Just like other Indians the shopkeepers in India were also quick to identify me easily when I tried bargaining with them. I was told that my accents tells it all about my nationality and I don’t need to bargain them anymore and they would be selling Indian “CHIKAN KURTAS” to me at a reasonable price.

I met with other Indian women  who were running their stalls outside the biggest shopping mall. They told me that how much they are happy to see me among them. They also told me that work till late in the night  without any fear of getting raped or sexually harassed.  One of them wished that Pakistani women can also ride bikes like them and I just could not disagree to her wish.
I was amazed to see that we share common eating  patterns, they also enjoy the same pratha everyday like us and abundant of  onions and spices in food is a was also found there.


india paratha

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During my stay I enjoyed being with the fellow students at the OP Jindal Global University. We spent time eating, sharing stories and breaking rules. I could not forget the hospitality, love, compassion they gave to me.

Now I understand that there are just ordinary people on the both side swhich are not much different. It’s just the political ego that keeps us apart. We can also have good relations with our neighbors like many other countries have by solving our issues on the table.  I hope that time is near when the people will realize that to move forward in this world we have let go all egos and hatred and focus in love and well being of people on the both sides.

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