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A Pakistani Hacker Wins $5000 For Indentifying Bug In Famous Browsers

rafy balcoh


ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – A world known Pakistani famous security researcher/ethical hacker has won US$ 5,000 in a combined bug bounty for identifying a huge security loophole in world most popular internet browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

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Rafy Baloch, who is famous and already listed in world most brilliant ethical hackers, has caught a spoofing bug which can be used by hackers to display whatever URL they want to show in the address bar of browsers. In this way they can control the content and make users fool. For example, they can show a URL of the FACEBOOK login page which is more trusted by the people all over the world. People will feel safe in putting their login details if the see in address bar. So hackers can easily take users to their webpages and can get their important details. This bug is present in Google  Chrome, and  Mozilla firefox ,which are used by 75% of internet users around the web. Apart from these two main browers this bug also exist in many  browsers available on the internet.

rafy balcoh

Image via IinkedIn

Rafy Baloch was given Hefty prize for identifying  a spoofing bug. The Young Baloch said Google Chrome and Mozilla firefox will remove this bug and similar flaws are also present in other browsers but he did not disclosed the flaws because it is a part of a responsible disclosure policy.

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This is not the first time he has identified the bug, he is a world  acclaimed bug reporter and security expert. He is known for his ethical hacking. Rafy is an active participant in bug bounty programs. He is already listed in world famous hall of fame such as Google, Facebook Microsoft, Twitter, Dropbox etc.

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