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Haider Ali won bronze for Pakistan in 2016 Paralympics

Haider Ali, a long jumper who participated in para Olympics has made Pakistan proud by wimming bronze medal at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

The 31-year-old won the medal in the long jump by jumping 6.28 metres long. He was second to Brazil’s Mateus Evangelista Cardoso  who placed 6.53 metres jump abd chinese  Shang Guangxu stood first by  6.77m long jump which is a world record at the Paralympic Games.

haider ali

Haider Ali poses with the winners of the long jump event. PHOTO: REUTERS

He is the only athlete to stay among top three in the Pakistan’s 24-year history at the Paralympic Games. Recently he updated status:

“I won the bronze medal, thanks to Allah,”

Ali is the lone participant from Pakistan in  Para Olympics games this year. Here is the medal winning jump of Haiderali.


Ali’s victory is a proud moment: PSB director

The PSB Director Akhtar Ganjera emphasised has acknowledged the that Ali’s victory and he is hopeful for promotion of Paralympics in country.  He expressed his feelings talking to media in the words below:

“It is a very proud moment for all of us,”

“The Paralympics athletes have to overcome a lot. I got to know Ali when he was preparing for the Games. They have all kinds of challenges to face, like the need of proper shoes and special track for them. Mostly, Ali prepared on his own.” He added

Moreover,  Whole nation is proud of Haider Ali:


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