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Pardes by Sajawal Ali: Upcoming brand new single from the rising Talent

Singer-songwriter Sajawal Ali is someone you need to have on your radar, his rise in the music industry set to make even bigger waves following the release of third single, “PARDES.”

The long awaited song set to be released soon. The Sajawal Ali features his unmistakable vocals fit with haunting piano accompaniment.

You can hear the famous song below.

Sajawal Ali- who hails from the :Karen to Wafawaan” – has just come off a winter with a brand new Song.

Tomorrow, Sajawal will be playing Off the Record, a brand new music festival in Lahore dedicated to showcasing emerging talent. We spoke with one of the festival’s curators, who told us why it’s increasingly more difficult to get new acts off the ground.

Sajawal will be headlining few live performances in December.

Stay in touch with us for more details about his work.

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