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Khoudia Diop, Darkest Model in the World


Meet Khoudia Diop who as hailed as the darkest model in the world and she is redefining the the meanings of beauty to the world. 


The dark skin has been used as a word opposite to beauty for centuries in the western world. model in the world. But these thoughts are are now vanishing with the time as the women like Khoudia is redefining the definitions of beauty their brilliant radiance.

Khoudia came to lame light when her photos were published by a photographer in his campaign that celebrated color and it’s beauty. Khoudia stood darkest out in series and his stunning eyeballs  attracted the fashion world due to her dark skin color and mesmerizing beauty.


According to Khoudia her journey was not easy. She endured the hardest pain of being bullied by people around her. She was given offensive titles such as ‘Darky’, ‘daughter of the night’, ‘mother of stars’ etc.
But with the time she got used to it and now she she just smiles at the ignorant rants of people about her skin rich with the melanin.
Khoudia is now very positive and confident about her skin color. She is breaking the sterotypes in Africa and brining confidence back to a majority of African women who are victim of the false notion that black color is ugly. According to stats 59 % of women in Nigeria use cosmetics to whiten their skins. Same is happening in India where same percentage of men are wasting their money on skin whitening products.
So here are some more images of the darkest model in the world, and these images with leave you speech less.


Diop has more than 105K followers on Instagram


She uses hashtags like #blackgirlmagic, #flexingmycomplexion and #darkchocolate


One beautiful shade in beauty of human beings

Images via Facebook


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