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Nawaz Sharif is 2nd most corrupt politician in the world

Corruption in the world is going up every day. Most of people are involved in corruption and stealing money from people. The top of the lists are industrialists, positions and bankers.

People with political power are on top of list because they are loved by people and backed by their mandate. They can easily hide their sources and do corruption.

nawaz sharif

A recent report about the corrupt leader of the world revealed that Prime miniter of Paksitan, Nawaz sharif is 2nd most corrupt leader in the world who has managed to make its assets boost in past few years. On the other hand the poeople are still living a miserable life in the country.
So here is the list of top 10 most corrupt politicians in the world 2016.

nawas sharif corrupt


Mian Nawaz Sharif is now Prime Minister of Pakistan  and he has now one the richest families in Pakistan. He has made alot of companies which  includes Rice mills, flour mills, sugar mills and many other mills but most of them are not paying tax.  He was already mentioned in panama leaks for having offshore companies and having  lots of projects, lands and business which he has hidden from Government. Beside this he is known for doing corruption in the name of developement by giving business to his companies. His most famous projects are Jungla Bus means Metro Bus so he has lot of money as well as business out of country too therefore considered as corrupt politician of world too.

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