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World’s Heaviest Bike

BERLIN: A German man vigorously pursuing his ambition to make it big on technological front building and riding the ‘world’s heaviest bike’ .

world heaviest bike

Frank Dose has made the bike which weighs more than 2000-pound and and he is not intended to taking part in any race competition, rather setting a world record.

With a hope to set new Guinness World Record he constructed his bicycle from scrap steel, and fitted it with giant, 5-foot diameter tires which were previously used by an industrial fertilizer spreader. The previous world Guinness record is held by Jeff Peeters, the Belgian engineer who’s bike weighs 1900 pounds. He was recorded by Guiness world record Book in March 2016 but the bike of Dose is now heaviest bike in the world.

To defeat his dutch rival he will complete a nearly 700-foot biking course on Saturday, September 3 to prove the machine is both hefty and maneuverable.
Dose is not limited to simply breaking Peeters’s record but he wants to smash it. The German cyclist is contended to add more weight so it tips close to 2700 pounds making his bike even heavier.

According to The Daily Mail,  the bike of Dose is so heavy that he needs help of  neighbors to  load it onto a truck to transport it from place to place.

Images Via Daily Mail

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