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A Video of Soul Leaving The Body Circulating on the Internet


There is a video of soul leaving the body which is circulating on the internet and many people started to believe that soul and spirits do exist in world. 


In the video it can seen that a woman driving the bike very fasts crashes into turn taking turn. Eventually she gets crashed into a pool anddies instantly. Soon after her death and rough shadow like objects on her dead body. The object which is taken as soul by many people can be seen moving.

video of soul leaving body

According to news sources the accident happened in Phibun Songkram Camp in Thailand and the woman named Manee did not survived after accident. The CCTV camera recorded all the footage and people can be seen fathering around her dead body.

On the same time there are many people who believe that this is not a real video and they think that it is edited form of video. There are also some people who think that these kinds of video are disrespect to the deceased person. Leave your thoughts below.

Featured image via rt news

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