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Russian river ‘mysteriously’ turned blood red

The Russian river mysteriously turning red which ignited hot debate on internet and people asked for investigations.

The Russian authorities subsequently decided to look into this matter. Now a big company which deals in metals has come up with claiming responsibility for making the river blood red.

russia blood river

Russian metals giant Norilsk Nickel has claimed the responsibility of this mishap and admitted that it happened due to spillage at one of its plantswhich turned the local river blood red.


The environment ministry of Russia has launched an investigation after the pictures of Daldykan river near Norilsk started creating buzz on the internet. Norilsk is located in the far north of Russia. This happened due to nearby Nadezhda metallurgical plant and people are blaming the metal gaint.


The world’s biggest producer of nickel and palladium, Norilsk Nickel, initially refused the news of leakage but a heavy rain disclosed the truth over flooding was seen to cause this pollution.

russia blood river

“Despite the short-term discolouration of the water … this incident does not present a danger for people or fauna in the river,” the company said in a statement.


Environmental activists, are worried about its enviroment impact.

“You can’t just say that it’s no big deal. Right now there is a ministry of environment commission there,” said Greenpeace Russia official Alexei Kiselyov.

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