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Meet Abby and Brittany, Beautiful Conjoined Twins

Abby and Brittany are dicephalic parapagus twins, meaning that they are conjoined twins with a separate head, but share one body.

The conjoined twins are from Minnesota and currently teaching is a school. They are facing many struggles their lives due to sharing a same body. They are actually two different person with one body.


They have separate heart, stomach, spine and spinal cord. But they share some organs such as their arms, chest, ribcage and legs.


Soon after they were born,  doctors told their parents that  the twins would not survive very long.  But, the girls are now 25  and living life. They have completed graduation and now teaching in school


These girls are one of the rarest set of dicephalus twins in the world!


It is very rare to be born conjoined (1 in 40,000) and it is even more rare to survive after birth (1% of the 1 in 40,000)! The fact that Abby and Brittany are alive and well is a miracle.


Conjoined twins are born when a fertilized egg failed to separate inside the womb.

They considered one of the most successful conjoined twins in the world. See photo below…


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