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Meet The Man who has been eating Sand for 25 years


Hansa raj, from Uttar Pradesh, India called as ‘Sandman’ is known by his habit of eating sand. He regularly eats sand as food as he is doing this for last 25 years.


He started eating sand Two decades ago,Now he eats a full plate of sand during a daily meal. He also has started to eat bricks as well.

man eats sand

Raj says even though he eats sand which is not healthy for human he never faced any health problem or teeth problem. He says his teeth are sharp and he is capable of  into the hardest stone without a problem. He aslo said that his weird diet never caused any trouble for his mouth or stomach. Although he is into this bizarre eating habits he never finds any health issue and his friends also support his claim that Raj never get sick. According to him,he gets necessary minerals from sand which robust his health. His love for sand consumes has never faded and he he likes sand as much as before. The medical doctors explained his condition by a term “Pica” which is a rare medical condition in which the affected person tries to eat non-edible objects.

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