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Indian man attacked by snake on neck whilst taking selfie

An indian man who was trying to take a selfie with phyton snake was attacked and bitten by snake in no time.

The incident took place September 23 when the  forest department officials of Rajhistan state removed the python from the premises of a school. The students and many other people tried to take selfies after successfully capturing it.

man bitten by snake

According to Deputy Conservator of Forests, K.G.Shrivastav, the incident was very unexpected and shocking and because  as all officers were properly trained. He said:

“I wanted the snake to be released in my presence, but the officials released it before I could reach the spot. I had no clue that civilians were also present at the spot and something could go wrong as all the officials are highly trained. Clicking selfies with the snake and releasing the photos publicly is an offense under the Wildlife Act and we will issue notice to all involved in this incident,”

The victim name is  Ashok Bishnoi, and he accepted the incident happened due to his fault and  carelessness. He said:

“The moment I received the news I reached the location. I did not realize how close I was to the python and it attacked me. This is entirely my fault,”

Vishnoi  also told the news correspondents that added that the mishap happened very fast and unexpectedly.  Even the rescue officers were holding the reptile strongly.

They released the snake later in a forest.

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