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Indian Children thrown in Cow dung For Good Luck


The images you see below are from small Indian village of Betul  located in central India. The people of this town happily toss their children into pile of cow dung.



According to their belief it will bring good luck for kids. This festivals is part of  Divali, the largest celebration in Hinduism. The poeple collect the dung of about 600 cows residing in the sorrounding areas. All of this dung is piled up at the center of town. On Diwali, parents take children and dip and roll their offspring in the poop of cow while while drums and fireworks roar in the background.


The cow is most sacred animal in Hinduism and according to their religion cow is mother. Who ever takes care of cow and gets good luck and reward. This ceremony lasts from sunrise to sunset, some villager also try to feed the dung to their children. The kids  ranging from six months to nine-years-old, have to experience this smelly tradition.


Dcotors says that this kind of rituals are not good for kids because this kind of polluted environment is filled with germs and bacterias. The kids have week ammune system to their are more chances that kids get caught by diseases. Watch the video of smelly ceremony and leave your comments.



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