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Most Dangerous Vehicle Bridge in the World


You may have heard or seen the dangerous bridges of the world but this bridge is world most precarious bridge. Its name is Kuandinsky Bridge, which is located in Russia’s Trans-Baikal Region


The bridge stretches  570 meters over the Vitim River, and the first thing that makes it horrible is that it has no railings  or other safety features.  Al ittle mistake can cause your car fell in deep frozen water of river.  The bridge is made of old simple decaying metallic structure.

The bridge was orginally made as  a railway bridge, but the people from nearby village with 1,500 inhabitants, started to cross the river using this bridge over  the Vitim River.


Photo: Sergey Dolya/Live Journal

There is no maintaince or repair for the bridge because it’s not officially a functioning vehicle bridge. Its almost three decades no repair has been done to this bridge. The holes in the bridge are covered with wooden planks.

Sources: Sergey DolyaRazbushlat, Chita


After watching these videos, do you dare to cross this bridge?

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