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Baby born in China without Eyes [Video]

A baby without eye tissues was born in in Guangzhou, China, to Liu Peihua on September 20. The young baby boy has no visible eyes.

According to medical doctors the newborn is suffering a disease called Anophthalmia which is very rate and and affects one in 100,000 babies. Mrs Peihua is worried about his condition of her son and she is  seeking specialist treatment for her son.



The Chinese press dubbed the child with title ‘the baby with no eyes’  and according to reports there was no prior indication before his birth and it was completely shocking for the doctors.

The family of the child is not financially strong and they are seeking charities for treating this rare medical condition called Anophthalmia. You can have on video below in which young newborn can be seen without eyes along with the cries of mother.

Video by The Mail

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