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WATCH: Did chimp really turned into human in nine-month-long experiment?

In1930s, two scients put their son in experiment to prove that the theory of Charles darwin about evolution is true. To prove this they used  reverse process by adopting a baby chimp, Gua.

It is commonly assumed that if a human is left in the wild and he survives anyhow, there are more possiblilities that he adopt traits of wild animals. Similar to this,  two scientists named Winthrop and Luella Kellogg, adopted little chimp Gua at the age of seven and a half months to see if she same things happens by reversing the conditions.

monkey experiment

They brough up their son, Donald along Gua as brother and sister for nine months

It was shocking to see that at the Gua at the age of one year was actually surpassing her human brother, not just physically, but mentally as well. The only advantage Donald had at that time was that he learned to talk and he can articulate his thoughts. On the other side Gua was not able to talk so she could not catch him up.

After passing 9 months the Kellong was forced to pull the plug on the experiment. The reason behind this was because the Gua has no effect of human company.  On the other hand Donald was effected most by company of chimp. He started to copy Gua more than she was copying him.

Watch the Video of Experiment Below

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