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VIDEO: Atomic Bomb Explosion or Cloud?

SIBERIA: A gigantic mysterious mushroom shaped cloud over Russia sparked extreme fears in of a nuclear attack in many Russians.

nuclear cloud

Near Kemerovo in Russia the thunderstorm created unusually-shaped cloud which was appeared in western Siberia.

The local residents took its as Nuclear Attack as nuclear explosion also forms a mushroom like feature. People were in extreme panic watching this because if very unusual formation made by cloud and even some people tried calling the emergency services.

Some people were concerned that there had been an explosion at a nearby coal mine in the Kuzbass region.
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Later it was identified as an cumulo-nimbus cloud, which forms  in result of thunderstorm when it reaches the highest levels of the atmosphere. The upper atmosphere causes the top of the cloud to be blown to the side.

nuclear cloud

Picture via The Sun


Emergency services were  flooded with calls from worried onlookers who think that  a nuclear bomb had been dropped.

Despite wave of fears among the local, but the terrifying-looking spectacle was in reality a rather beautiful.


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