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Secret Rooms in Aeroplanes


Many of us travel via airplane, but most of us are not aware of the fact that there are secret rooms where the flight attendants hang out?


The plane is more than just a cockpit and passenger seats. You will amazed to know that there is luxury accomodation for the cabin crew to rest  and relax during flights as they always seem to be around.

beoing secret room

There is actually a secret room. There are certain flights in which the cabin crew sleep in space situated right above business class – which is the highest point in the plane.


There are stairs that lead to the cabin. These stairs are hidden right behind the cockpit. Depending on the size of plane the cabin can hold up to eight people.  Beoing 747 hold  the flight attendants’ beds on top of each-other like bunk beds.


The Beoing 777 has which has more space; it favors the pilots by giving them more space. In Beoing 777, largest twin jet in the world,  pilots have a sink, toilet, business class seats and two sleeping spaces.



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