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Love Nutella? This guy takes bath in 600 lbs of it!


Most of us love Nutella, but you will never see an obsession with nutella like this person have. A gentleman from UK is buzzing the internet with a completely different idea!


He has poured hundreds of Nutella jars in the bathtub and filled it full of chocolate. It makes us remember the chocolate lake in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, but here there is not lake but only a bathtub. Candar starts off with pouring his face inside the bathtub and tasting the chocolate. Then he  slowly lowers his body in the tub. And he gives his reactions. His first reaction was wow


Later after many wows he adds

“This is so thick,” he says. (Yes, we’re not really surprised there!)

The chocolate is really thick. The guy can be seen barely moving in it, but for the sake of good Internet video, he does. The crossed  3 million views on Youtube at the time of writing, and nearly same on Facebook!


Does this make you want to bathe in some Nutella yourself? Write in comments below:

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