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Chinese University Students Spend Extra time in Classes To See the Beautiful Teachers

Sichuan Normal University are apparently studying harder and spending  extra time in classes just to see and bee with thier  ‘impossibly beautiful’ female teachers

The Sichuan normal University is  locate in in Chengdu, south-west China. The photos of 16 attractive female eduators are buzzing the Chinese social media websites and  after the were uploaded online by their school.  The good-looking teachers, specialize in a variety of sujects such as singing, dancing, artistic design, theater and English. The university has published a photos of their attractive teachers second time on September 19.

china beautiful teacher

Xu,  a teacher who is in charge of the university’s social media publicity department, told the media that they selected the teachers based on their physical appeals, popularity and achievements.  She also added “students are very willing to take their lessons. Some said they would sit in on extra classes just to see these teachers.”

young teacher china

Students being letured by amazing and beautiful young teachers are responding overwhelmingly positive.  They are not just praising teachers but also trying hard in their studies. Here is one of interesting comment from ex-student after seeing these pictures.

attractive female teachers

“If I were still studying, I would surely work harder,”


Although the feedback is positive about about  this step but there is a group of people who criticizes  Sichuan Normal University for relying on the physical attributes to promote themselves.  One of  those person wrote :

“It’s no use to say they are pretty. The key is if they know how to teach and if they teach hard,”


This is not the first time the educators are creating buzz on the internet. In 2014 photo of a  young English teacher went viral online, and it was reported that the attendance rate of male students to a historic high due to her.



Photos: Sichuan Normal University

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