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Chinese Couple Living in a Cave for 54 Years

There is chinese couple who is unable to afford a proper home after marriage so they moved into a mountain cave and have been living there for the past 54 years.

The cave is situated in near the city Nanchong,  where 81-year-old Liang Zifu and 77-year-old Li Suying  are living for almost a half century. According to them they found the cave three years after their wedding. They decided to make it their home and start to make it livable. They said that in start it was hard to adjust there but after few year of living they got used to it. They have four children who are no more living in they cave, but the two elderly cave-dwellers are not ready to leave thier cave home at any cost. After their story went viral on internet the  local authorities tried to persuade them to move out and even offered them  a more comfortable house, but they turned down the offer.

life in cave

According to them they have spent almost their whole life in the cave and they love it just as their home. They told media that they have three bedrooms, one kitchen and a living room. They have developed a  small garden where they grow all the produce they need to survive. They have a well at the entrance of their cave-home which gives them clearn water and even they have electricity facility. They claim that they have everything they need, so they dont need to move away.

china cave man

One more reason they provided for not leaving this cave home is that this place is more is is much cooler than a man-made house during the summer and warmer in the winter.  The only problem they have is “a feeling of loneliness”, since their children moved out.

cave couple in china

Their story has been a viral topic on Chinese social networks and many people are expressing  concerns that people are still living in stone age and their status of living has not changed with the development of their country. On the other hand some people have find it okay because living a peaceful, happy life away from the hustle and bustle of cities.

cave well

Photos: NetEase

via China Daily

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