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China opens longest glass bottom bridge in world

China has opened the world’s highest and longest glass-bottomed bridge in spectacular Zhangjiajie mountains — the place which was shown in American blockbuster movie Avatar.

china glass

The bridge is 430 metres (1,400 feet) long and suspended 300 metres above the groud. This bridge is built on the canyon connecting two mountain cliffs in Zhangjiajie park in China’s central Hunan province.

The bridge is six meters wide and comprises some 99 panels of clear glass.  An official of  popular tourist Zhangjiajie told media that the bridge can hold up to 800 people at the same time.

china glass bridge

This bridge is designed by Israeli architect Haim Dotan, where people can walk accross the bridge. There is even more adventure such as bungee jump or ride a zip line.

Wang Ming, who came with her husband and kids told media:

“I wanted to feel awe-inspired by this bridge. But I’m not afraid — it seems safe!”

Following the last year Yuntai mountain incident at the in northern Henan where a glass bridge was broken, authorities in Zhangjiajie have demonstrated the safety of structure to tourists.

They incited media and asked people to try smashing the glass by a sledge hammer and they also drove a vehicle across the bridge.

“It’s crowded today and a bit of a mess. But to be suspended 300 metres in the air, it’s a unique experience,” said Lin Chenglu, who had come to see the bridge with his colleagues.

china glass

Only 8,000 people each day can cross the bridge according to authorities. If you are planning to go there you must book your tickets in advacnce a day prior to your visit. at a cost of 138 yuan ($20). You are not allowed to take camera and selfie sticks on bridge and you can not wear stilettos to walk on the bridge.


Zhangjiajie Park is famous tourist point in china and it is the same place which appeared in the American blockbuster Avatar. A photographer from Hollywood visited the area in 2008, taking images which were later used in the movie avatar. .


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