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Potato Chip Rock


Its the rocks thin as the potato chip  and when you see it a shivers run down your spine.This adventrous place is  located near San Diego, USA. This place is also called Potato Chip Rock because of its shape.


 Tourits from the world climb to the very edge of this super thin rock and capture cool pictures. Reaching this place is also very adventurous. It best place for those who keeps looking for the adrenaline rush more often than not. To reach  this point you have to do a lot of adventure  like hiking, wide-water rafting, bungee jumping, or sometimes even skydiving.

It is located on point where you have to hike 2,800 feet to the summit of Mt. Woodson and then you reach this amazing spot which is like a stone flake hanging over the ridge.

Basically, it is stone flakes.

In fact, this place isn’t so terrifying, and everything depends on the shooting angle. The stone is located at a low altitude (not more than 10 feet) and can withstand a lot of weight.

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