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Indian Girl Has Ants Crawling Out of Her Ears Every Day 

Meet12-year-old Shreya Darji, who lives in state of Gujarat is suffering from a bizarre medical case . In which  Giant ants crawl out of her ears every single day.

She started to face this problem in August last year, when She complained of ear pain and her parents noticed ants coming out of both her ears. They took her to the hospital where doctors found a large number of insects living in her drum canal.



Photo: Cover Asia News

Hundreds of ants have been taken out so far, but to no avail they keep growing in number at a faster rate.

Shreya’s parents are worried due to this condition of their daughter. They said that  how Shreya would sit in her classroom at school if ants will  crawling out of her ear.

“She is a brilliant child and she’s already missed a lot of school. Other children in her school and community are teasing her and it’s already making her feel bad.”

“I need this problem cured as quickly as possible before it affects her confidence in life.”

via Daily Mail

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