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Amjad Sabri killed over refusing extortion demand: MQM sector in-charge

amjad sabri
An arrested member of MQM has accepted that the killed world famous  Qawwal Amjad Sabri because he was not able to pay extortion money

He among his 5 other fellows persued this task. They did recce for few days and identified the day and timing for doing their henious crime. On the day of murder 4 team members were along him during the target killing, according to Mulla.


shazad mulla

The Arrest of Shezad Mull is Kept confidential by Law enforcement agencies due to security reasons and they are also looking for other important suspects involved in this crime.

Late Qawwal Amjad sabri was murdered on June 22 in the holy month month of Ramazan. He was going to TV studio for recording of Ramasam transmission. He was followed by motorbikers who stopped him and opened unprovoked fire on him . He died on the spot. The whole nation was shocked by this murder.

Finally a great milestone towards finding his killers is achieved. The law enforcement agencies are

News Video Coutesy: arynews

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